Matt Peppe – Media Uncritical of Justifications for Shooting Escaped Convict

Link to an article by Matt Peppe:

“Media Uncritical of Justifications for Shooting Escaped Convict”

Bonus link: “Outlaws in the Eyes of Amerika” (“The author . . . tends to assume the moral correctness of the system and its police forces, accepts their version of the events he describes, despite a historical record that proves not only that the government had its own questionably moral agenda, but that it was more than willing to violate the laws it was supposedly upholding to destroy these groups and terminate not only their activities but their politics.”)

Susan Milligan – The President and the Press

Link to an article by Susan Milligan:

“The President and the Press”

Bonus links: “State Department Announces New ‘Long-standing’ Policy Against Backing Coups” and Killing Hope and “Administration Sets Record for Withholding Government Files” and “Oil Imperialism and Monetary Policy” and “Fear and Loathing 40 Years Later” and “When Our Monsters Speak, TV Journalists go Deaf”