Kevin Kumashiro – The People With the Least Resources Are Now Shouldering the Greatest Burden

Link to an interview with Kevin Kumashiro, conducted by Janine Jackson:

“The People With the Least Resources Are Now Shouldering the Greatest Burden”


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Peter Greene – Winners Take All, Education Edition

Link to a review by Peter Greene of Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World (2018) by Anand Giridharadas:

“Winners Take All, Education Edition”


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David Forbes – Mindfulness Versus McMindfulness

Link to an interview with David Forbes conducted by Eleanor J. Bader:

“Mindfulness Versus McMindfulness: A Conversation with David Forbes”


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Gerald Coles – Education, Jobs and Capitalism

Link to an excerpt from the book Miseducating for the Global Economy: How Corporate Power Damages Education and Subverts Students’ Futures (2018) by Gerald Coles:

“Education, Jobs and Capitalism”


In Lars Lih‘s excellent biographical study of V.I. Lenin, he noted how Lenin’s parents were involved in education and were frustrated that the tsarist autocracy in Russia prevented education (and widespread literacy) in order to constrain the expectations of citizens, in order to maintain the extreme inequality that prevailed under tsarism.  When Lenin and the Bolsheviks came to power, reforms were swiftly instituted that resulted in historically unprecedented advances in literacy and education more generally.  It was not a matter of pedagogical impediments to expanding literacy, or a lack of a notion to improve education and literacy, it was that the education system was subordinated to the maintenance of a particular socioeconomic hierarchy.  What was needed was a shift in who held power, and the ideologies of those people, and Coles’ book excerpt makes that point abundantly clear.  Capitalists simply disavow their real motivations.


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Matthew Stewart – The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy

Link to an article by Matthew Stewart:

“The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy”


It is worth noting that the discussion of “tax expenditures” in this article is confused, as explained by economists in the MMT school of thought.


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