FKA twigs – LP1


FKA twigsLP1 Young Turks YTCD118 (2014)

LP1 is basically music in the style of new electro R&B, like The Weeknd, which makes some overtures to various electronic pop genres mostly originating from the UK.  But there is something else going on here.  Experiments and outsider music are being co-opted in pursuit of conformist commercial success in the usual channels.  The lyrics of this album evidence a sort of low self-esteem protagonist degrading herself for external validation.  That at least is what it tries to be.  There is a strong sense that this is very contrived music.  It resembles the sort of “feminism” that — idiotically — declares adherence to stereotypical gender roles to be revolutionary, like “shopping as identity”.  This is immanently self-defeating more than anything.  Although perhaps this appropriates some interesting bits from other sources, the conclusion remains: fail.