Sun Ra – The Soul Vibrations of Man

The Soul Vibrations of Man

Sun RaThe Soul Vibrations of Man El Saturn 771 (1977)

A live recording from the Jazz Showcase in Chicago in November of 1977.  The first side of the original LP is a lot of odd stuff, meandering around and then ending with a space chant that blends typical Ra afro-futurism with bits of a gospel song (“I Got Shoes” AKA “Walk Over God’s Heaven” etc.).  Side two has some horn charts that actually seem rehearsed or pre-written, in contrast to just about everything to that point, but then concludes with some fiery, shrieking sax playing from one or both of the altoists then Ra on keyboards.   While this has an intimate feel of a casual live show, it is only on side two that it starts to seem really worthwhile.  Not one for Ra newcomers.