Robert Goulet – In Person: Recorded Live in Concert

In Person: Recorded Live in Concert

Robert GouletIn Person: Recorded Live in Concert Columbia CS 8888 (1963)

I went to a used book sale once where they had a bunch of old LPs for sale.  Clearly, someone had donated what must have been the complete 1960s catalog of Robert Goulet, because there was a big pile of them.  Since the price was right I picked one out that had the most interesting album cover (along with some non-Goulet picks like a surprising find in Symphony No. 3 (Gloria)).  Anyway, taking In Person home and finally giving it a spin I couldn’t help but laugh.  This has to be one of the most obnoxiously stupid live albums I’ve ever heard, complete with audience banter pointing out the most melodramatic elements of upcoming songs.  So, this thing has kitsch value, but really nothing else going for it.  But then, it wouldn’t be Robert Goulet if it was any other way.