Pierre Bourdieu – The Left Hand and the Right Hand of the State

Link to an interview with Pierre Bourdieu:

“The Left Hand and the Right Hand of the State”


Bonus quote:

“Today, financial crisis is a permanent state of things the reference to which legitimizes the demands to cut social spending, health care, support of culture and scientific research, in short, the dismantling of the welfare state. Is, however, this permanent crisis really an objective feature of our socio-economic life? Is it not rather one of the effects of the shift of balance in the ‘class struggle’ towards Capital . . . ?  In other words, the crisis is an ‘objective fact’ if and only if one accepts in advance as an unquestionable premise the inherent logic of Capital . . . .”

Slavoj Žižek, “Multiculturalism, or, the Cultural Logic of Multinational Capitalism”