Neil Young – Comes a Time

Comes a Time

Neil YoungComes a Time Reprise MSK 2266 (1978)

Lyrics have always been Neil Young’s weakness. Here–surprise!–he delivers his best all-around showing since After the Gold Rush (and this would remain his best songwriting across an entire album for at least a decade more).  There are a number of very strong numbers here, like “Goin’ Back,” “Comes a Time,” and “Lotta Love” (backing singer Nicollette Larson would have a big hit with her own solo version of the latter).   Still, the album has a few faults.  Its country-rock style feels a little self-conscious at times, and some of the songs seem to coast by without a lot of ambition.  The bleary weirdness of American Stars ‘n Bars.  This nonetheless remains one of the stronger second-tier Neil Young albums.