The Battle of Ukraine and the War It’s Part Of

Link to an article by Jim Kavanagh:

“The Battle of Ukraine and the War It’s Part Of”


See also: “Russia-Ukraine War Began in 2014, Not 2022” and “When Did the Ukraine War Begin?”  Updates: “What is Propelling the U.S. Into Increasing International Military Aggression?” and “The Ukrainian Conflict Is a U.S./NATO Proxy War, But One Which Russia Is Poised to Win Decisively” and “Voices from Donbass Speak to U.S. Anti-war Movement” and “Dutch Journalist: ‘We are Here, in Donbass, to Awaken Westerners Deluded by Propaganda’” and “The US Bubble of Pretend” and “The Donbass Diaries Part II: The Azov Battalions – Ordinary Fascism” and “‘The Once Bright City Became Gloomy and Sad:’ Survivor of 2014 Odessa Massacre Reflects Back on Tragedy” and “Ukraine After 90 Days of War” and “‘God Will Sort Them Out’: Ukrainians of Donbass Beg NATO to End War” and “Western Officials Admit Ukraine Is Crawling With CIA Personnel” and “Conversation with American Mercenary, DPR POW: ‘Be Better Informed'” and “Russia’s Campaign in Ukraine: Nearing an Inflection Point?” and “Larissa, Three Months of Torture in the SBU Dungeons in Kharkov”

Julian Vigo – How Privilege and Woke Politics are Destroying the Left

Link to an article by Julian Vigo:

“How Privilege and Woke Politics are Destroying the Left”


Bonus links: Review of Kill All Normies and “Too Much of Not Enough: An Interview with Alenka Zupančič” (“(Moral) outrage is a particularly unproductive affect, yet it is one that offers considerable libidinal satisfaction. By ‘unproductive’ I mean this: it gives us the satisfaction of feeling morally superior, the feeling that we are in the right and others are in the wrong. Now for this to work, things must not really change. We are much less interested in changing things than in proving, again and again, that we are in the right, or on the right side, the side of the good.”) and Beautiful Soul Quote and Review of Domenico Losurdo’s Liberalism: A Counter-History and  “The Politics of Online Friendship” and “Against the Neoliberal Blackmail: Identity Fetishism and the Privatization of Affect” and “What’s Wrong With Identity Politics (and Intersectionality Theory)? A Response to Mark Fisher’s “Exiting the Vampire Castle” (And Its Critics)” (“The upshot in political practice is a static pluralism of reified social categories, each vying for more-subaltern-than-thou status on a field of one-downsmanship.”) and “The Politics of Identity” and “Multiculturalism, or, the Cultural Logic of Multinational Capitalism” and Amuse-Bouches II – Testimony and the Pass” and Review of The Trouble With Diversity

Frank González – Militant Journalism

Link to an article by Frank González:

“Militant Journalism: The Role of Journalism in Class Society and Revolution”


Bonus links: “We Need a Media System That Serves People’s Needs, Not Corporations’” and “An Apology & Explanation, Two Years On” and “Making Rebellion Attractive: Why the Establishment Still Hates John Reed”

Robert Parry – An Apology & Explanation, Two Years On

Link to an article by Robert Parry:

“An Apology & Explanation, Two Years On”


Bonus links: “America’s Reporter: The Hersh Method” and “Making Rebellion Attractive: Why the Establishment Still Hates John Reed” and “Why ‘Russian Meddling’ is a Trojan Horse” and “The Limits of the Web in an Age of Communicative Capitalism” and “Three Variations on Trump: Chaos, Europe, and Fake News”

Bonus quote from Rex Butler:

“in the analysis of ideology, it is not simply a matter of seeing which account of reality best matches the ‘facts’, with the one that is closest being the least biased and therefore the best. As soon as the facts are determined, we have already — whether we know it or not — made our choice; we are already within one ideological system or another. The real dispute has already taken place over what is to count as the facts, which facts are relevant, and so on.”

Jim Kavanagh – Impeachment: What Lies Beneath

Link to an article by Jim Kavanagh:

“Impeachment: What Lies Beneath?”


Bonus links: “Impeachment Hearing Highlights Conflict Over US Policy in Ukraine” and “A Warning: A Manifesto of the Pro-war ‘Resistance’ in the American State” and “America Escalates Its ‘Democratic’ Oil War in the Near East” (and “The Saker Interviews Michael Hudson”) and “Impeachment Without Class Politics: An Autopsy”