Methodman & Redman – Blackout!


Methodman & RedmanBlackout! Def Jam 314 546 609-2 (1999)

I’ve said it before, but when you do something obvious you can’t make any mistakes.  Fortunately, that’s the case on Method Man & Redman’s collaboration Blackout!  The two MCs work together well, bolstering each other.  They certainly seem like minded.  They have a lot of funny raps, kind of in the style of Cheech & Chong stoner bits, and while skits and shticks like that usually are the bane of hip-hop albums, these guys are actually funny enough to pull it off.  This breaks no new territory, at a time when lots of other hip-hop was going to totally new places, but who cares?  This duo has things to say that they can express in the old styles effectively.  They have an enthusiasm that carries this far.