Paul Street – Shameless Hypocrisy

Link to an article by Paul Street:

“Shameless Hypocrisy: Lessons of the Great Khashoggi Kill Story”


Street (following Herman and Chomsky) is wrong to suggest that this kind of journalism is hypocritical.  Rather, Domenico Losurdo has explained how this disavowed politics of exclusion is central to the kind of liberalism that these sorts of journalists adhere to.  See Liberalism: A Counter-History (“The political criticism that Losurdo directs towards liberalism is based upon a precise philosophical analysis: he exposes the lack of universalism in this train of thought: its inability to go beyond representing the special interests of the strongest classes.”).

Paul Street – Obama: a Hollow Man Filled With Ruling Class Ideas

Link to a book review by Paul Street of David Garrow‘s Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama (2017):

“Obama: a Hollow Man Filled With Ruling Class Ideas”

The bits about not citing Street’s own books sound a bit like “sour grapes”.  Anyway, by way of contrast, try liberal historian Christopher Read‘s biography Lenin!