Muhammed Shabeer – European Parliament’s Anti-Communist Resolution Draws Widespread Criticism

Link to an article by Muhammed Shabeer:

“European Parliament’s Anti-Communist Resolution Draws Widespread Criticism”


Bonus links: “The End of Anti-Fascism” (“More than simply changing, historical memory is actively reshaped by pop-culture representations as well as by active political forces.”) and “The Two Totalitarianisms” (“It is necessary to take sides and proclaim Fascism fundamentally ‘worse’ than Communism. The alternative, the notion that it is even possible to compare rationally the two totalitarianisms, tends to produce the conclusion – explicit or implicit – that Fascism was the lesser evil, an understandable reaction to the Communist threat.”) and “Ernst Nolte’s Revenge” and “Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands and the Fight Against Historical Falsification: A Chronology”