Russiagate and Washington Meddling

With all the clamor over “Russiagate” (which is really just self-serving deflection of blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election), it is worth noting a few examples of more extreme meddling by the USA in the affairs of other nations:

“Exposed: The Pentagon’s Cyberwar Against Russia”

“US Meddling in 1996 Russian Elections in Support of Boris Yeltsin”

Michael Hudson: I’m told that there was wholesale bribery. Officials in the Reagan administration told me that they just paid off foreign officials to support the U.S. position, not a New International Economic Order. U.S. agencies maneuvered within the party politics of European and Near Eastern countries to promote pro-American officials and sideline those who did not agree to act as U.S. satellites. A lot of money was involved in this meddling.

“De-Dollarizing the American Financial Empire”


Killing Hope

See also “Former CIA Chief Admits to US Meddling in Foreign Elections”