Lou Reed & Metallica – Lulu


Lou Reed & MetallicaLulu Warner Bros. 529084-2 (2011)

Here’s my recollection of a conversation with my wife listening to this.

Wife: “No, this is all wrong.  It’s like they stitched together two things that don’t belong together at all.”

Me: “I think it’s alright.”

Wife: “You don’t know metal at all.”

Me: “Who said this was supposed to be metal?”

Wife: “He [Lou Reed] can’t sing at all!  They should have told him they were recording, but, you know, not recorded him and then put in different [Hetfield] vocals.”


So, if you approach this as a Metallica fan, knowing little or nothing about what Lou Reed albums tend to sound like, chances are you will hate this.  If you like Lou Reed, then you might find this not exactly his best, but a fairly typical middling offering.  The pairing with Metallica works for me.  They play pretty generic thrash-lite riffing, but it’s a change of pace for a Reed album.  Pretty okay.