The Swan Silvertones – I’ll Keep On Loving Him

I'll Keep on Loving Him

The Swan SilvertonesI’ll Keep On Loving Him HOB HOB LP 2172 (1974)

A solid effort.  Longtime member John Myles was still around for this mid-1970s album, though his input seems to have been waning.  Louis Johnson and Sam Hubbard take lead vocal duties.  Most of these songs are respectable but not particularly remarkable.  The best of the bunch are the title track, the organ-drenched “Happy With Jesus Alone”, and “Life of a Sinner”.  The last of those finds Louis Johnson going much further than usual with some of his most subtly complex songwriting and arranging, with vocals punctuated by a somber horn and a jittery, rambunctious piano.  The group does seem to run a bit low on ideas in places.  So they borrow a guitar riff straight out of Al Green‘s “Love and Happiness” to open their version of “Leak in This Old Building”.  But generally The Swans bring enough energy to the table that it’s easy to let the album’s weaknesses slip by.  On the whole, this is a characteristic effort from the group’s tenure on HOB Records, and worth a listen for anyone with an interest in soul-inflected gospel.