Matt Taibbi – Ten Years After the Crash, We’ve Learned Nothing

Link to an article by Matt Taibbi:

“Ten Years After the Crash, We’ve Learned Nothing”


Bonus links: …And the Poor Get Prison and “Retrospectives of the Financial Crisis Are Leaving Out the Most Important Part—Its Victims” and “The Lehman 10th Anniversary Spin as a Teachable Moment”

Arun Gupta – A Tale of Two Tweets

Link to an article by Arun Gupta:

“A Tale of Two Tweets: Left Politicians’ Responses to McCain’s Death Show Promise and Peril of Electing Socialists to Office”


Bonus links: “Sorry, Bernie, We Need Radical Change” (this article does a good job summarizing the seemingly non-replicable quirks that led to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s primary election victory, but succumbs to reliance on self-defeating populist demonizations) and Crowds and Party

Zola Carr – Medicalizing Society

Link to an article by Zola Carr:

“Medicalizing Society”


Bonus links: “Are We Governed By Secondary Psychopaths?” and “The War Inside Your Head” and  “Mental Health and Neoliberalism” and “Are the Young People That Shrinks Label as Disruptive Really Anarchists With a Healthy Resistance to Oppressive Authority?” and “Social Service or Social Change?”

Slavoj Žižek – Quote about Democratic Socialists

“what do democratic socialists effectively want? The rightist reproach against them is that, beneath their innocent-sounding concrete proposals to raise taxes, make healthcare better, etc, there is a dark project to destroy capitalism and its freedoms. My fear is exactly the opposite one: that beneath their concrete welfare state proposals there is nothing, no great project, just a vague idea of more social justice. The idea is simply that, through electoral pressure, the centre of gravity will move back to the left.

But is, in the (not so) long term, this enough? Do the challenges that we face, from global warming to refugees, from digital control to biogenetic manipulations, not require nothing less than a global reorganisation of our societies?”

Slavoj Žižek“The US Establishment Thinks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Too Radical – With an Impending Climate Disaster, the Worry Is She Isn’t Radical Enough”

Jason Hirthler – Russiagate and the Men with Glass Eyes

Link to an article by Jason Hirthler:

“Russiagate and the Men with Glass Eyes”


Bonus links: “Clinging to Collusion” and “Fake News on Russia and Other Official Enemies” and “Mueller Investigation Seeks to Implicate WikiLeaks and Julian Assange in ‘Russian Interference'” and “Be Careful What You Ask For: Wasting Time with Manafort, Cohen, and Russiagate” and “Leaked NSA Report Is Short on Facts, Proves Little in ‘Russiagate’ Case” and “Demonization of Russia in a New Cold War Era” and “Hey Intercept, Something is Very Wrong with Reality Winner and the NSA Leak” and “Money Still Rules US Politics”