The Blind Boys of Alabama – Atom Bomb

Atom Bomb

The Blind Boys of AlabamaAtom Bomb Real World 6 19225 2 (2005)

A really fine album from a group that had existed more than 65 years (!) when this was released.  Breaking it down mathematically, you’ll be hard pressed to find many veteran groups that have made an album half this good after being around a mere one-sixth as long.  I watched the Boys perform on The Tonight Show promoting this album, and Jimmy Carter did a little showman’s trick and held a note for about a full minute (using circular breathing), wowing the crowd.

Blind Boys of Alabama – Take the High Road

Take the High Road

Blind Boys of AlabamaTake the High Road Saguaro Road 26393-D (2011)

So, The Blind Boys (of Alabama) have been offering a pretty steady number of new albums, despite members being quite advanced in age.  It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to note that these recent albums have made liberal use of marketing gimmicks.  An album of pop covers–check!  Christmas album with guest spots–check!  An album recorded in New Orleans with brass bands–check!  So, here they’re at it again, this time it’s all about guest spots.  Those kinds of albums are usually quite dull, and this one is too.