Anton Jäger – Laboring Under an Illusion

Link to an edited transcript of an interview with Anton Jäger conducted by Doug Henwood:

“Laboring Under an Illusion”

It would have been nice to see a further elaboration on the issue of “status” with work and jobs — such as work to gain status or influence others — that is only mentioned in passing but otherwise this interview is informative and rebuts the silly autonomist, UBI, etc. arguments that have been floating around for the last few decades.

Anton Jäger – The Myth of “Populism”

Link to an article by Anton Jäger:

“The Myth of ‘Populism'”


Bonus links: “Understanding Populism” and “Against the Populist Temptation” and In Defense of Lost Causes

Bonus Quote: “Populism is ultimately sustained by the frustrated exasperation of ordinary people, by the cry ‘I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve just had enough of it! It cannot go on! It must stop!'” First as Tragedy, Then as Farce